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521 Web Design knows that many businesses and marketers do not have the resources, the time, expertise or personnel required to create and initiate a stellar B2B email marketing campaign. With our B2B Email marketing lead generation services, we allow you to benefit from a team of professionals that have deployed millions of emails to date and know how to take your campaign from zilch to a hundred in no time.

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Why it works

Email Marketing

Ask any marketer about the potency of B2B emails for lead generation and they’ll give you an animated, gung-ho response in favor of email marketing. Data surrounding the efficiency of email marketing for B2B lead generation speaks volumes in favor of the process.

A recent study conducted by Marketing Sherpa found that email marketing is the primary lead generation tool for over 81 percent of all B2B firms surveyed. Emails can prove to be a strong lead generation- and sales channel when used in the perfect manner.

However, a number of organizations and marketers go for the wrong strategy with their email marketing campaigns. A great email marketing campaign shouldn’t be intrusive or spammy, and should instead, adhere to common sense and give customers what they desire.

Our approach is simple and effective. We’ll run a multi-sequence email campaign with your supplied list, testing and optimizing our methods over the course of the campaign. With the desired outcome to start ( and nurture) business conversations with prospective target audiences via cold email.

B2B Digital Sales Outreach

6 Week Launch Phase
2 Weeks for Strategy, Setup, Copywriting, etc…
+ 4-Weeks for Executing first Campaign

Sales Campaign Roadmap

Outlining a 3-month plan (w/ specific strategy and tactics) to use existing lists to generate warmed business conversations for your sales team.


Pro Copywriting

All required email campaigns – these templates are tailored to your desired industry niche/job title
Initial attempt to set a call / start a conversation
2-4 short follow-up emails
Soft nudge with an alternative approach to those who opened, but did not reply to the initial sequence
Non-sales, dormant prospect wake-up campaign (those who did not open any previous email)

B2B email platform

End-to-End account setup, configuration and optimization of b2b email platform.


Nurturing & Follow Up

Daily (business days only) monitoring of email inbox for timely nurturing. Our team will handle all follow-ups, etc… as you to the point that the prospect is ready to have a live conversation (or needs to electronically correspond RE: trade-specific topics)

Email Marketing First Month Execution

  • We will load email campaigns into platform, and send test to you for final approval.
  • Sending campaign and monitoring inbox(es) for replies
  • Managing unsubscribes, bounces, etc…
  • Immediately forwarding warm leads to you (access to inboxes and all tools/platforms will be made available to you)
  • A/B testing of subject lines and calls to action
  • Monitoring of deliverability of sending domain(s)
  • Weekly Report of project progress, campaigns results, optimizations tips
  • Highly detailed final report outlining wins, losses, and recommended next step.


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Over the last decade we’ve formulated a proven strategy that works. We are leaders in the B2B email marketing industry, serving small business and Fortune 500 companies.