A fast and profitable way to get your business noticed online is through the use of search engine marketing or pay per click. 521 Web Design’s pay-per-click experts can manage your existing PPC campaign or start a new one for you.

We provide your business with a dedicated PPC specialist to Create, Manage, and Monitor your Paid Digital Media Account. Keyword research is used to analyze which search terms will be more beneficial for your business and drive growth!

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Pay per click marketing campaigns place your business directly on search engine results pages, social media sites, mobile devices and more.
Even if we’re performing SEO, 521 Web Design encourages many of its clients to take advantage of ample amount of pay per click marketing opportunities to drive traffic to their sites while we push their website to the top of the organic rankings.
Whether you are a national e-commerce store looking for more customers or a local business, pay per click plays a vital role in any digital marketing strategy.


Daily Optimization


Keyword Research and Recommendation


Professional ad copy


Professional Account management


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Data Interpretation and recommendations


Outstanding Client Support


Creation and Expansion of Ads


structured campaign setup


structured campaign setup

You guys are the best! Every order I have made was easy and you guys came through with flying colors every time and continue to make my job easier. Thanks again.

Paul F.

Denver, Colorado

“Two thumbs up! Thanks for making the process so simple.”

Liz N.

Jacksonville, Florida

“Hey, what’s with all this overdelivering!”

Ben G.

Onedia, Tennessee

Search Engine Marketing Services

Google is the most widely used search engine with numerous channels for advertising and raising awareness for your business. With all the possible placement opportunities, it can be extremely difficult to understand the placement of your ad to get the most return on ad spend (ROAS). We have the experience to sift through the weeds and navigate the Google infrastructure so you do not have to spend hours or days learning the details of using the system effectively, but still, return results that mean views for your site and sales for your business.

Google dominates the search and paid advertising channels, and companies often overlook Bing. They essentially provide the advertisers with one single platform to place ads on two search engine results pages (SERP) i.e. Bing and Yahoo. We take advantage of search engines to increase your revenue at a lower cost. We manage pay-per-click campaigns with complete transparency focused on data that will drive results!

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