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521 Web Design implements powerful PPC campaigns for businesses nationwide including great cities like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Fort Wayne

Pay-per-click ads is a cost-effective way of strengthening your online presence. The ads are accurately targeted, driving relevant and qualified traffic to your website. 521 Web Design offers PPC services in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, helping clients generate more leads.

Our pay-per-click specialists manage and tweak your existing PPC campaign or launch a new one with a different set of objectives. We provide your business with a dedicated PPC specialist to create, manage, and monitor your paid media campaign.

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Pay Per Click Management Services

Our goal is to allow the business owner to grow his company together with his online audience. It also includes a Remarketing campaign that will target people who already visited your site. Each PPC Package is looked at from holistic approach and built according to your goals.


Our PPC audit assesses the short- and long-term performance of your paid advertising strategy by looking at the performance, cost, and returns of your ad campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads.

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What is PPC?

Search optimization is critical to boosting the online presence of your business. Many companies invest in SEO to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Although it’s an effective method to boost online visibility, SEO is organic, which means it can take a while before it produces significant results.

Paid search, on the other hand, is a digital marketing strategy where search engines allow businesses to show ads on SERP or other websites. Paid search works on a pay-per-click model – you don’t pay for the ad space until someone clicks on your ad. This makes PPC advertising a more controllable and measurable strategy compared to others.

The biggest advantage of paid media advertising is that you can launch one regardless of your budget. You can put a cap on your ad spend. The campaign automatically stops once you reach your limit. The ads are highly targeted as well – the users who will click on your posts are those who are genuinely interested in your product or brand. This means that the traffic you drive has higher chances of conversion. In short, you get hard, fast results even with a small budget.

Why Choose 521 Web Design?

Your paid media campaign will be managed by certified pros. Equipped with regular training, certification, industry tools and best practices, our team is more than capable of handling an account as important as yours.
Our specialists are diligent in providing reports to inform you about the progress of your campaign.

A well-executed PPC campaign should be flexible. Top keywords change all the time, and it’s important to adjust your keyword bidding accordingly. Our PPC specialists consistently perform keyword research to know which ones would drive the most traffic. This ensures that every dollar you bid on a keyword yields desirable results, increasing your return on investment.

Our PPC services included


We utilize the correct platform to achieve the goals you have set. Depending on your needs, we  will select up to two of the following platforms such as search Campaigns, google display network, Facebook. Then create tailor-made Remarketing campaigns.

Ad Extensions

By analyzing your business website and marketing goals, we would choose the best ad extensions to boost the performance of your campaign and attract the right visitors to your site.

Search Campaign Setup

Extensive research at the start of the campaign allows us to understand your website and use the right keywords tied with the best ad text to optimize your campaign. All keywords and text only deployed upon your approval.

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Search Campaign Management

We monitor and optimize your campaigns constantly to increase the efficiency for each click.

Google Display Network and Remarketing

For branding and Remarketing campaigns, we recommend Google Display Network.

Target customers at the buying stage and give your company a world of opportunity!

Serving clients
all over the Midwest.

As an Indiana-based digital marketing agency, we help business of varying sizes nationwide including in our home town of Fort Wayne. Plus other great cities like Cincinnati, and Indianapolis implement powerful online strategies to increase their customer base and bottom line.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana

A city deeply rooted in manufacturing, and our hometown. We help firms establish a foothold in any industry, allowing you to grow your business. Digital marketing focused on bringing in valuable leads. 

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Cincinnati, Ohio

We help small businesses in Cincinnati differentiate themselves from their competition and communicate their value proposition through online campaigns. Smart and creative digital marketing services. Coupled with PPC services and WordPress management.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Finance, retail, and insurance are some of the top industries in Indianapolis in terms of employment. We study our client’s businesses to launch effective and accurately targeted digital strategies. Through PPC services and solid Website WordPress management plan.



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we make PPC Work for your business.

Over the last decade we’ve formulated a proven strategy that works. We are leaders in the digital marketing industry, serving small business up to Fortune 500 companies.