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March 23, 2021

Why Your Ecommerce Store Isn’t Making Any Sales

An ecommerce store is a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs around the globe to make money without paying for extensive overheads and additional costs. With an ecommerce store, you can generate sales around the clock and get the results you are looking for within the timeframe that you want.

However, even with a growing ecommerce market in the United States, expected to be at around 205 million customers currently, there are plenty of ecommerce businesses that are facing problems becoming profitable and experiencing growth. Ecommerce consumers spend over $3,000 on average per year and are slowly and gradually making this market the norm for retailers.

If your ecommerce business is also failing to leave a mark, and you aren’t able to understand why, then this article will help you out. In this article, we mention some of the reasons your ecommerce marketing isn’t working out for you, and what you can do to help take it forward.

Poor Images and Product Description

Poor quality images and product descriptions play a significant role in the inability of most businesses to generate sales revenue from their ecommerce website. When customers shop online, they aren’t going through the physical process of picking up products and viewing their quality. Due to the limited physical interaction on ecommerce websites, customers are forced to rely on pictures and descriptions.

Images and descriptions should be designed in a way that not only attract buyers toward the item, but also help them finalize the deal. Operators with shabby photos that rely solely on technical descriptions, which haven’t been bridged down for the everyday user, will fail to bring in clients to their ecommerce shop.

Also, if you’re selling a physical product, make sure that you showcase your product from multiple angles and make sure that you create unique descriptions to match them. These products should be displayed in a way that minimizes the physical gap that is present during the purchasing process.

You Have a Complex Checkout Process

A complex checkout process can be too intimidating to handle for most customers. Online customers today choose ecommerce over brick and mortar stores because of the feasibility they offer. This very feasibility dies down when you use a complex checkout process with complicated instructions and guidelines.

A complex checkout process is like going to Walmart to buy one product and having to stand in line for 2 hours because only one cash register is running and there is a massive queue leading up to it. You can eliminate this frustration by outsourcing the process and ensuring that the checkout is as smooth and easy as your customers require.

Hidden Shipping Rates

Hidden shipping rates are a massive turn down. Customers have confessed online to abandoning carts and dropping sales just because of the additional costs involved in the process. The hidden shipping costs are really demotivating and can take the fun out of the process.

The last thing you want is to see customers lose trust in you just when they are nearing checkout and about to close deals. Hidden shipping rates or other costs have that kind of impact. Once people feel that you’ve conned them and might further con them, they drop the purchase altogether and move to some other provider who might be charging the same amount, but is upfront about it. Hence, you should also develop an upfront approach and mention your checkout costs at the appropriate time.

Poor Navigation

Navigation is an important part of your ecommerce webpage and shouldn’t be compromised. The navigation on your webpage determines how easy it is for customers to get from point A to B and to also search for their desirable products.

The navigation on an ecommerce website is determined by a number of things, including but not limited to, the clutter on your website, the product images you use, the efficacy of the search bar and the maintenance of a shopping cart. The shopping cart ensures that items are stacked concurrently as shoppers proceed and add items to the list.

Lack of Direction

No ecommerce website can succeed today unless it offers customers an exact direction to where they want them to be. Customers should be given a definite direction through the use of appropriate CTAs and promotional content. Links on the CTA should lead your customers to product pages and work to improve attention and enhance their focus.

Not Focusing on SEO

Businesses that don’t focus on their SEO in marketing campaigns are soon out of operations. An ecommerce provider should ensure that they optimize their SEO campaign and have organic customers coming in at all times. Organic customers can work wonders for you and will ensure that your website always has customers.

Local SEO can really help your business become more trustable online. Even as customers, when we search for a product or service online, we only tend to trust the ones that pop up in the first few rankings. Customers indirectly assume that businesses showing on the third or fourth pages are doing something wrong.

Truth be told, ranking in the first few businesses in the local search results can really help build rapport and develop the positive perception you want related to your business. Once the local community trusts you, you can open new doors of revenue and start catering to a bigger audience.

The ecommerce marketing services offered by 521webdesign help you become a prominent player in the industry and rope in customers from all corners. Get in touch with us today for more details and info.



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