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April 21, 2021

WordPress Hosting and Support FAQ

WordPress is a management system where small and medium businesses, bloggers, and other internet users can set up their websites and take advantage of the system’s built-in templates, plug-ins and more. For those who are new to the world of WordPress, we’ve covered the answers to some common questions many users have when it comes […]

WordPress is a management system where small and medium businesses, bloggers, and other internet users can set up their websites and take advantage of the system’s built-in templates, plug-ins and more. For those who are new to the world of WordPress, we’ve covered the answers to some common questions many users have when it comes to setting up and running their WordPress website.

Why Do I Need WordPress Website Support?

The aim of WordPress support is to help you address issues like plug-in errors or issues with certain themes/templates, making modifications to your website and other problems. WordPress support services like Gifted Owl help you focus on your actual business, including providing customer support, handling inventory, orders, and so on. The service saves you the time and effort of handling minor tasks like maintaining your website, dealing with issues like being hacked, bombarded with spam and so on. Their functions include:

  • Updating your plug-ins
  • Updating your website theme to make sure it can handle user traffic and so that the template you’re using is up-to-date.
  • Running regular security checks to protect your from hackers
  • Backing up your data daily to avoid future errors and loss of valuable information
  • Integrating your website with Google Analytics to help you improve your ranking
  • Provide performance reports to help you gauge how your website is performing and what areas need improvement.

If you’re someone who has previously used WordPress, you know that these are tasks that you can handle yourself, but through a support service, you can save up on time and the effort of performing these tasks

Depending on the service package you select, you can get a range of services taken care of at a minimal cost and if your website ever shuts down or experiences any errors, you can simply restore it through the daily backups that are being done.

Why Use A Company To Manage My WordPress Website?

WordPress management covers everything from setting up your website to creating optimized content and making frequent updates. Hiring a WordPress management company will ensure that a number of key tasks are taken care of to ensure maximum site traffic:

Site Content

This includes regularly posting new content, responding to comments, setting limits for whether or not people are allowed to comment on your posts, handling new subscribers and finding ways to increase the number of subscriptions, and more. A management company will create a publishing schedule to ensure that you are frequently publishing content so that your website can improve its ranking and visibility (most businesses are too busy to post frequently and miss out on reaching out to more viewers).

A management company will also look after WordPress plug-ins, including those connecting your content to your social media platforms so that your posts are in sync.

Site Coding

To keep your website in running order, you need to manage your basic WordPress code, the coding for your selected theme and any additional plug-in you activate. The management company will update the code to keep spam links away, maintain site security, fix bugs, improve the layout and ensure that your website is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. They will also download additional plug-ins that they feel your site needs to perform better.

Site Performance

A site management company will oversee the smaller details that will make your WordPress website stand out against your competition. This includes faster loading time, generating SEO content to ensure that the maximum number of people reach your website through the use of popular keywords, optimizing your content across your website and all your social media accounts, ensuring that your website coding is designed for faster loading speed to avoid a high viewer bounce rate, etc.

Site Security

The company managing your WordPress website will have market knowledge of the best security plugins to keep your site and coding protected, which is meant to keep you safe from hackers and to keep your site speed up.

While none of these tasks are particularly difficult, a company whose purpose is to do this will be able to do it more efficiently and with the right plug-ins not to mention you’ll save time and feel more secure about your website. They will also be aware of how to generate SEO-based content for improved visibility of your brand.

Why Is Hosting So Important To My WordPress Website?

WordPress hosting is required to improve your site performance, speed and security. This may include you sharing a hosting platform with other sites or relying on managed hosting. Managed hosting is the way to go with WordPress since this will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A quicker, faster WordPress site
  • Caching, which helps you gain credibility, visibility and again, faster site speed
  • Improved security through the use of WordPress firewalls to protect you from spam and hacking
  • The option to test any additions or changes you make to your website before making it live for customers and viewers
  • Automatic upgrades for themes and plug-ins

WordPress hosting can also update your software automatically as soon as new updates become available. While any host can run WordPress, note that the performance won’t be the same for all. For instance, shared WordPress hosting may not provide cashing, improved security firewalls and faster speed.

If you’re looking to create and optimize your WordPress website, it is recommended to find a WordPress management company to handle your hosting and support issues which include the basics such as setting up the website framework and enabling security plugins to advanced needs like generated SEO content and updating your website for improved reach and site growth.

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