WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress Management Services


WordPress is a popular content management and website creation tool for business. On top of being free, this platform offers a wealth of benefits that can help companies increase their bottom line. 521 Web Design offers WordPress management services nationwide including in Fort Wayne, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, giving your business a high-performing website.

Our Indiana-based WordPress management experts are highly trained, allowing you to make the most out of the platform. We’ll help you design a user- and search-friendly website that drives traffic and creates lead generation opportunities.

WordPress Maintenance

Creating an amazing website and climbing the ranks in SERPs isn’t as difficult as many business owners think. Retaining that rank, however, is the true test of skill and expertise. It requires consistent improvement and maintenance.
At 521WebDesign, we offer WordPress maintenance services that allow you to:

    • Maintain and improve the quality of your website.
    • Keep your website growing with your growing business.
    • Optimize your website to accommodate increasing traffic effortlessly.
    • Retain and improve your ranking by keeping your SEO “fresh”.
    • Protect your data and users by updating security.

We offer maintenance services for websites created using other website development platforms and content management systems. But since most businesses prefer the affordability, flexibility, and strength the platform offers, WordPress maintenance is our core focus.


Proactive site management

WordPress Security & Update Management

Monthly Site Performance Monitoring

WordPress management services Indiana
WordPress management services Indiana
WordPress management services Indiana

Why Choose 521 Web Design?

Our client-centric approach to all our services, including WordPress maintenance, is just one of the reasons our partners prefer to work with us.

A Straight-Forward Approach To Pricing

We have created three comprehensive pricing plans with a clearly laid-out list of services. This complete transparency sets our clients at ease because they know going in what is it they are paying for. We have determined that most of our clients are more comfortable with this approach to WordPress maintenance service contracts because it keeps costs predictable and saves them from time-consuming negotiations.

A Transparent Approach To Reporting

When you are working with 521WebDesign, you won’t have to deal with any service “mysteries” and propped-up reporting. Like our pricing, we take a straight-forward approach to reporting and do our best to simplify our maintenance jobs (and results) for our clients.

A Comprehensive Skillset And Relevant Expertise

We believe in finding the perfect person/team for each job, and we ensure that the WordPress maintenance team that works on your website doesn’t just have the right technical skills but the requisite industry-specific knowledge as well. Our WordPress management experts see the “big picture,” therefore our maintenance and updates tend to be more potent.

WordPress Maintenance Services Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis Indiana

We provide WordPress maintenance services nation-wide (in-person and remotely), but since we are based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we are ideally positioned to serve local businesses.

We can help with both designing and maintaining your business’ WordPress website. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach and offer maintenance services that are both convenient and result-oriented. We understand that our clients have more pressing operational and growth priorities, and we allow them the much-needed peace of mind by taking over routine WordPress maintenance responsibility.

Our WordPress management experts ensure that your website’s performance and health remain intact and its quality improves over time. This allows our clients to stay ahead of the curve and improve their digital presence, which is crucial in the highly competitive market of today.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

Simple pricing with no long term contracts!

WordPress management services Indiana
WordPress management services Indiana
WordPress management services Indiana

Thee Maintenance Your Website Deserves

Your WordPress website is the cornerstone of your online presence, and without constant polishing and preservation efforts, it would erode away to obscurity. By providing timely maintenance and updates, we at 521WebDesign ensure that your website keeps standing out to both search engines and your target audience.

SEO Health

Constant additions and content updating are crucial to retain and attract more traffic. But if you are updating and adding to your website without regarding the whole SEO picture, you might end up doing more harm than good. When we maintain your business’ WordPress website, we tweak it for near-perfect SEO. This ensures that the changes you make to your website become assets, not liabilities. We conduct thorough SEO audits and make both technical and organic SEO changes for optimal SEO health.

Security & Backups

The more a website grows, the larger its attack surface gets. By running routine security checks during our maintenance services, we make sure everything is updated according to the latest security protocols and that there are no major vulnerabilities. Routine backups help a business restore their website swiftly, in case of an attack or a crash, preventing any major loss of business. The security segment of our maintenance job covers all the necessary elements: updating security plugins, malware scanning, spam filtration, etc.

UX/UI Maintenance

Even the most potent content won’t help you gain or retain the attention of your target audience if your website starts developing UX/UI glitches. With regular maintenance, we offer a consistent user experience, and in some cases, we can help you improve the UX/UI for new pages and campaigns. WordPress allows you to create a responsive website for your business, and it’s very easy for the UX/UI design to become under-optimized (or outdated) if your website isn’t maintained properly. It can result in a steep decline in website traffic, and it’s something we strive to prevent through our maintenance services.

SERP Ranking

It’s very easy to get pushed down in SERP ranking when your competitor websites go through comprehensive overhauls or new competitors enter your niche/local digital “marketplace.” If you want to ensure that your website keeps ranking higher for your primary keywords, regular WordPress maintenance is imperative. Content freshness, coupled with optimizing the website based on Google’s constantly updating ranking factors, is crucial to retain and improve your SERP ranking.

Premium Services

If your business website is facing more competition and challenges, and it’s striving to rank higher in the SERPs, you will benefit from our premium services, which include:

    • Social media posting and management: This allows you to improve and expand your online presence and brings more traffic to your website by opening more channels (other than organic searches) to it.
    • Local SEO: It includes local keyword research, topic ideas, and optimizing GMB and other online listings.
    • Content optimization recommendations: With our SEO research, we can identify and convey the keywords and topics that can help you rank higher.
    • Backlink building:Backlinks, especially those that offer your website credibility and link juice, can be a powerful rank booster for your website.
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WordPress Management by experts

A WordPress management service can ensure that your website content and performance remain intact. Building your website yourself is a daunting task in itself, but it is the constant maintenance that often proves too much. However, with our WordPress management experts, you can stay ahead of the curve in maintaining your website’s performance and health.